Intimate Exchanges (2006)

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First performance:
Opening night:
Final performance:
Alan Ayckbourn

Stephen Joseph Theatre
The Round

27 April 2006 (see note below)
2 May 2006 (see note below)
5 May 2007
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Company Details



Stage Manager:
Deputy Stage Manager:
Assistant Stage Manager:
Alan Ayckbourn
& Tim Luscombe
Michael Holt
Ben Vickers

Emily Vickers
Andy Hall
Lisa Mellor
Miles Coombes
Toby Teasdale
Lionel Hepplewick
Joe Hepplewick
Reg Schooner
Sylvie Bell
Celia Teasdale
Rowena Coombes
Irene Pridworthy
Josephine Hamilton
Bill Champion
Bill Champion
Bill Champion
Bill Champion
Bill Champion
Claudia Elmhirst
Claudia Elmhirst
Claudia Elmhirst
Claudia Elmhirst
Claudia Elmhirst


Although this revival of Intimate Exchanges began in 2006, the scale of the project meant it ran in repertory for a full year at the Stephen Joseph Theatre. Following a short break during the 2006 winter season, the final two plays in the Intimate Exchanges cycle opened in 2007 with Alan Ayckbourn directing; Tim Luscombe having directed the previous six plays due to Alan Ayckbourn suffering a stroke in February 2006.
This marked the first time Intimate Exchanges had been staged in its entirety since its world premiere at the Stephen Joseph Theatre In The Round in 1982.


Premiere Dates

Events On A Hotel Terrace
First performance: 27 April 2006
Opening night: 2 May 2006
Final performance: 1 May 2007

A One Man Protest
First performance: 5 May 2006
Opening night: 10 May 2006
Final performance: 2 May 2007

A Garden Fête
First performance: 15 June 2006
Opening night: 20 June 2006
Final performance: 2 May 2007

A Cricket Match
First performance: 24 June 2006
Opening night: 29 June 2006
Final performance: 3 May 2007
Affairs In A Tent
First performance: 27 July 2006
Opening night: 1 August 2006
Final performance: 4 May 2007

Love In The Mist
First performance: 24 August 2006
Opening night: 29 August 2006
Final performance: 5 May 2007

A Pageant
First performance: 1 March 2007
Opening night: 6 March 2007
Final performance: 5 May 2007

A Game Of Golf
First performance: 15 March 2007
Opening night: 20 March 2007
Final performance: 30 April 2007
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